Why skincare is more than "just" skincare

Last year, people all over the world were forced to stay home, it is no coincidence that so many people adopted a skincare routine in that time. Skincare routines offer so many benefits other than healthier skin and have a well-deserved place in among our self-care practices.

Skincare routines help you switch on/off

When you wake up, you're likely to feel sluggish or even unmotivated. Practicing a basic skincare routine first thing in the morning (shower, moisturise, cleanse face) not only gives you something to look forward to in the morning, it helps you feel refreshed and ready for the day.

Ideally, in the morning you want to keep your routine fairly simple, but a citrus based product can help you feel more energised and give you the boost you need to start your day! The evening or weekend is the best time to be a bit more generous and really pamper yourself, the lavender dream collection has great products specifically designed to improve sleep quality.

It helps you be more mindful

Mindfulness is the act of simply being present in the moment and not overly-reactive or overwhelmed with the world around you. It seems easy in theory, but with all the things that demand your attention (work, studying, family etc) it's not difficult to find yourself overworked and stretched a little thin.

Practicing a skincare routine allows you at least 10 minutes a day to simply emjoy the sensation of washing your face/body with warm water, exfoliating and massaging in your moisturiser. Mindfulness is commonly used to help reduce stress, so this is a good way to make sure you practice mindfulness daily.

It feels good to look good

It is no secret that a good skincare routine can improve the health and appearance of your skin. Who doesn't want to look and feel good?

It can be part of a holistic approach to self-care

At New Eden, we are big believers in taking a holistic approach to life. Skincare is not the answer to all wellbeing related issues, but it can work wonders for your mental and physical health when combined with regular exercise, healthy eating and other positive lifestyle factors!

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