Easy Tips for Zero Waste(-ish) Living

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Leading a zero-waste lifestyle is an easy way to help minimise our environmental impact (and save money too). However, zero-waste living isn’t an overnight process and it is a lot easier to start with a few simple lifestyle changes, these are our 8 easy tips for reducing your waste.

1. Avoid fruits and veg in plastic packaging

The UK produces more than 170 tonnes of waste every year, much of which is from food packaging. Supermarkets are offering more and more loose vegetables options. You should also check out local farmers’ markets and zero-waste supermarkets for more package free options!

2. Invest in a reusable bottle

Plastic water bottle can take up to 450 years to break down, plus, buying them frequently means you can end up spending quite a bit of money. Stainless steel bottles are a personal favourite, and widely available, they help keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for as little as £5 from high street stores and online.

3. Avoid fast fashion

Fast fashion has a huge environmental impact. Take a look on second-hand apps like Depop or eBay for clothes and shoes, you can even find cool vintage pieces and grab yourself a bargain.

4. Plan your meals

The average household throws away £470 worth of food a year. It can be really easy to over-purchase food and create unnecessary waste. Taking 15 minutes to plan your weekly shop can really help you to reduce waste. And even if you have unused foods, you can always freeze them before they go bad and use them at a later date.

5. Go vegan(-ish)

Animal agriculture requires massive amounts of land, water, food and energy and is a leading contributor to global greenhouse emissions. Switching meaty meals for vegan or vegetarian options a few times a week could really reduce your meat consumption and environmental impact.

6. Recycle and reuse glass jar

Glass jars are extremely versatile you can use them to store food in the fridge or pantry, to make candles, as pen holder or even a fancy cup, the options are endless!

7. Repair before you replace

Taking your electronics to be repaired or repairing clothes with a few simple stitches isn’t only good for the planet, it’s good for your pocket too!

8. Use a washing line or clothes rack

Drying your clothes on a radiator or in the dryer can use up lots of energy and drive up bills. When the sun’s up, opt to dry your clothes on a washing line or clothes rack.

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