6 Easy Tips for a Good Night's Sleep

Getting a good night's sleep is important for our wellbeing, yet so many of us struggle with falling and staying asleep. These tips will give you an easy way to improve your sleep quality and be more productive during the day!

  1. Avoid caffeine after 3pm

Caffeine makes us alert, which can be a good thing (especially in the morning). But the effects can linger for 6 hours, making us fidgety when we go to bed. If you'd still like tea or coffee, opt for a herbal tea like chamomile and rooibos which are naturally caffeine free

2. Prepare for tomorrow

Making a list of achievable tasks for the next day will help you feel more in control and at ease. Plus, who doesn't like looking at a completed to-do list at the end of the day?

3. Practise self-care

Taking time to look after yourself at the end of the day is a good way to unwind. This can be anything; reading a book, meditating or taking a shower with the lavender dream collection. Remember; self-care is a necessity not a luxury.

4. Turn off your electronics

Our phones, laptops and TVs can be such an addictive distraction. Try and be disciplined with yourself and put the electronics away an hour before you plan to go to bed (those work emails can wait until the morning)!

5. Workout

Get moving! Studies show that regular aerobic exercise can improve sleep quality and reduce daytime sleepiness, helping you to be more productive during the day. Plus, its good for your general health so its a win-win!

6. Try white noise

White, pink or brown noise is low frequency sound that helps drain out background noise and helps you feel calmer. Spotify and YouTube have some great playlists ( just search "white noise"), it always helps me fall asleep fast!

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